Jenny Day

data/media/pages/jenny.jpgJenny Day co-founded FRU with Bryan Davies and Jackie King in 1984 and has been Director since 1993. She is also an Associate Professor in the Zoology Department of the University of Cape Town and until recently has been Deputy Dean of the Science Faculty and more recently, Head of the Zoology Department.. She is a freshwater ecologist with wide interests in the biological field.  Much  of her time is presently devoted to representing the Unit (and therefore the University) on committees involved in biodiversity science, wetlands, and various CAPE projects dealing with alien and native fishes, and with implementation of national legislation regarding ecosystem management. When she has time to devote to research, her interests focus on the ecology and water chemistry of temporary waters, and the biology of freshwater crustaceans. In 2004, she won the South African ‘Women in Water’ award in the ‘Senior Research’ category. She and Bryan Davies are co-authors of Vanishing Waters, a textbook on limnology and management for southern African students. E-mail: